Dr Joanna Bryson Dr Joanna Bryson

Dr Joanna Bryson

Photo credit: OECD/Hervé Cortinat

Dr Joanna Bryson is an associate professor at the University of Bath, and an affiliate at Princeton’s Centre for Information Technology Policy. Her research interests centre on the use of use Artificial Intelligence to understand Natural Intelligence. This includes agent-based modelling of animal societies and cultural evolution, modular models of individual intelligence, AI development methodologies, action selection and dynamic planning, intelligent and cognitive systems, AI and Society.

More recently, Joanna’s published work includes “Patiency is not a virtue: the design of intelligent systems and systems of ethics” in Ethics and Information Technology, and “Legal Lacuna of Synthetic Persons in Artificial Intelligence and Law”, with Mihailis E. Diamantis and Thomas D. Grant. She is also an expert advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI.

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