Keynote: Human Minds and Machine Intelligence – Who’s the Master?

Dr Joanna Bryson

Although not a universally held goal, maintaining human control of artificial intelligence is probably essential for society’s long-term stability. Fortunately, the legal and technological problems of maintaining control are actually fairly well understood and amenable to engineering.

The real problem is establishing the social and political will for assigning and maintaining accountability for artifacts when these artefacts are generated or used.

In this talk I will discuss why we should maintain not only control but responsibility for AI, whether we have control now, and what technological and regulatory steps we can take to improve the present situation for the benefit of the very long term.

You can view Joanna’s presentation below:


Location: Auditorium Date: October 15, 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am Dr Joanna Bryson Dr Joanna Bryson