Keynote: A Question of Machine Intelligence – Strong arguments in support of and against different definitions

The fact that there is no clearly agreed upon definition of human intelligence nor of machine intelligence is hindering advancements and understanding of what intelligence is in several research fields. This obstructs the path of building machines, which can replicate human intelligence and even exceed it in tasks that are shaping our present and that will be impactful for humanity in the near future.

A key question remains, should human and machine intelligence be defined separately? How do we view, understand, react to, and judge intelligence definitions? What are the implications of reaching a common consent in defining them? Both experts’ and the general public’s intelligence assumptions need clarification.

Our research shows a step in overcoming fundamental problems in this complex endeavor. It is a question of what is intelligence. And it unveils the urgency for an answer.


You can view Dagmar’s  slides and presentation below:


Dagmar Monett Diaz

Location: Auditorium Date: October 16, 2018 Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am Dagmar Monett Diaz Prof. Dagmar Monett Diaz, Berlin School of Economics and Law